Terms of service

The following terms and conditions, sets out all aspects of the implementation and handling of orders on the portal 1000caloriesdiet.com. including payment methods, terms of access and also returns and complaints.

§1 Definition of terms occurring

Data Administrator, Seller, Owner, Service Administrator – Up You Go sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Bydgoszcz, Czackiego 49/49., 85-138 Bydgoszcz, registered in XII Economic Department of the National Court Register with the number: 0000600328. Amount of the share capital 5000 PLN. NIP: 7010545348, REGON: 363682484.

Service/Store – this website, which is a virtual knowledge base belonging exclusively to the Service Administrator. The service is available at: 1000caloriesdiet.com through which you can read free content, as well as purchase subscriptions to premium content.

Buyer, Orderer, Customer – all entities including individuals who have placed an order through the service.

Regulations – the content presented on this site. These regulations.

Subscription – Premium content on the Site subject to payment.

Order – the will of the purchaser to purchase certain content of the Service through a completed form and available payment methods. The will of the purchaser aims directly at concluding a contract for the sale of subscriptions at a distance through the Service. At a minimum, the order specifies the type and quantity of subscriptions selected.

§2 General provisions

  • The presented regulations define the current possibilities, rules and ways of communication of placing orders on the Site. The terms and conditions define all conditions of sale in Europe.
  • In order to place an order on the Website, it is required to have an electronic device with Internet access, e-mail address. The Service can be accessed via a web browser.
  • The subject of sale is premium content available on the subpages of the Service. Access to the content is a one-time specified time with the possibility of downloading the purchased content.
  • The prices listed on the site are gross prices and include VAT.
  • All information regarding individual Subscriptions does not constitute an offer for sale within the meaning of civil law. The content of the Service constitutes an invitation to conclude a subscription purchase agreement within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code.
  • It is forbidden for users of the Service (including orderers) to share purchased Premium content with third parties. Reproduce purchased materials or use them in a commercial manner.

§3 Handling orders

1 The customer can only place an order through the Service;

(2) To place an Order through the Website available at: https://1000caloriesdiet.com/, the Buyer must select the resources of interest, fill out the interactive form and select an available payment method.

(3) After placing an order, the purchaser receives:

  • confirmation of the order by e-mail with the necessary information on consumer rights and obligations.
  • Optionally, an email with a verification link to start the Subscription or an email with a code to be entered to verify access to Premium resources. The received message also includes the period(time) during which the user can use the Premium content.
  • An email message with the selected digital resource or a direct link to download or play the purchased resource.

(4) In a situation where the Ordering Party notices an inconsistency in the messages sent by the Service, as referred to in §3 subsection 3. of the Terms of Service, the Administrator requests immediate contact using the contact form available at: https://1000caloriesdiet.com/pl/kontakt/ in order to correct the discrepancy or error as soon as possible.

  1. it is possible to modify the execution of the order within 60minutes from the date of placing the order via the contact form available at: https://1000caloriesdiet.com/pl/kontakt/.

6 The content offered by the Service is in electronic form. The display technology is coded using HTML/CSS and in PDF files. The purchaser, in order to make purchases and freely view the content, should use an electronic device – a computer, tablet or cell phone (smartphone) with Internet access. In addition, in order to correctly read PDF files, a program to play files saved in PDF format is required.

  1. the Buyer by placing an order agrees to conclude a remote agreement.

§4 Available payment methods

(1) The service provides the following payment methods:

  • via the STRIPE payment gateway.

The due date for payment when using the STRIPE billing service falls immediately after the order is placed. In order to use Premium content, payment of the order value is required before using the Service.

§5 Terms of delivery

  • Access to the electronic product is through verification of the paid order. There are two options for verification – with an authentication link sent via email or a code that allows the use of premium content.
  • Receiving/viewing purchased content is possible only through electronic equipment in the form of a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet and installed web browsing software.
  • Access to Subscriptions and other electronic content offered by the service, including e-books, is also possible outside Poland.
  • During each stage of the ordering process, the customer can raise concerns or questions via email: contact@1000caloriesdiet.com.

§6 Withdrawal from the contract

  • In accordance with the current Polish law on digital content – the user is notified before purchasing a subscription or access to digital materials including ebooks about the impossibility of withdrawal from the contract.
    The provision of this section of the regulations is in accordance with the guideline of the OCCP: http://prawakonsumenta.uokik.gov.pl/prawo-odstapienia-od-umowy/umowy-szczegolne/
  • Any ambiguities or comments regarding the conclusion of the contract should be addressed to the Owner of the service or to the indicated e-mail address: contact@1000caloriesdiet.com

§7 Complaints and warranty

  • All complaints about the unavailability or non-compliance of the delivered material with the sales contract can be submitted in writing to the seller’s address or by e-mail addressed to: contact@1000caloriesdiet.com with “COMPLAINTS” in the title.
  • In order for the complaint process to run smoothly, the Ordering Party should voluntarily provide contact information to which the Service Administrator is to direct a response.
  • The Administrator within 14 days will respond to the complaint and reply to the data from which the application was received or other data indicated by the Orderer.

§8 Security and protection of personal data

  • Provision of personal and dimensional data is completely voluntary, but it is necessary to complete the order and to be able to use all the contents of the Service.
  • We carry out the processing of personal data only with the express consent of the purchaser.
  • All the most important information regarding personal data is available in the section “Data Protection – RODO“.

§9 Final provisions

  • All matters not covered by these regulations are covered by regulations of generally applicable law.
  • The Terms of Service do not interfere with the freedom and limitation of possibilities of the Orderer under the applicable law. If there are contradictions between the points of the Terms of Service and the current legal regulations, the provisions of the current law shall prevail.
  • Any disputes between the Seller and the Customer will be settled by the common courts.
  • The Terms of Service are available electronically here: “Store Regulations